New! Hitec® Vektor 280 Brushless RR FPV Racing Drone
Hitec® Vektor 280 Brushless RR FPV Racing Drone

New! Hitec® Vektor 280 Brushless RR FPV Racing Drone


High-performance, high-convenience FPV flight!

For fearless FPV flight, give the Vektor 280 a try! This fully assembled FPV drone features a carbon fiber frame, four 20A ESCs with SimonK One-Shot Setting, a 400K pixel FPV camera, four 2150kV brushless motors, an Open Pilot CC3D Atom flight controller, a 5.8GHz 600mW 32-channel video transmitter and more.
Rotor Diameter: 280 mm (11 in) Weight: 348 g (12.3 oz) Flight Time: 9-12 minutes Requirements: 5+ channel radio with micro receiver, 5.8GHz video receiver, FPV monitor or goggles, 3-4S 1400-2300mAh LiPo battery with XT60 connector, LiPo-compatible charger
  • Completely assembled 280-class FPV racing drone.
  • High-quality carbon fiber frame with 3 mm arms.
  • Four 2204 2150kV brushless motors.
  • Integrated system board with ESCs, flight controller and video transmitter for reduced weight.
  • Four 20A ESCs with SimonK OneShot Setting.
  • 400K pixel FPV camera with 135° field of view.
  • Open Pilot CC3D Atom flight controller with MPU6000 3-axis gyro/accelerometer, Windows/Mac/Linux support and PPM/PWM/S.Bus receiver compatibility.
  • 5.8GHz 600mW 32-channel video transmitter.
  • Intelligent LED system.
  • Low battery warning feature.
  • Drone Finder function.
  • Four 6x3 propellers.
Amateur Radio
*FPV "First Person View" transmission products with output power greater than 25mW require a HAM license to operate legally in the USA. This involves a 35-question multiple-choice test and a small fee. You can contact an amateur radio club in your area for information or assistance in obtaining a license. Also see the Amateur Radio Relay Network web page about obtaining a license. Customers outside of the USA should understand and follow all telecommunications or other regulations in your area.
Always follow the AMA Safety Code when operating model aircraft. Visit and search for FPV 550" and read "Document 550 - Utilizing First Person View Systems to learn about the safe operation of FPV "First Person View" systems in model aircraft.
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