Hitec® Vektor 280 Brushless RR FPV Racing Drone
Hitec® Vektor 280 Brushless RR FPV Racing Drone

Hitec® Vektor 280 Brushless RR FPV Racing Drone


High-performance, high-convenience FPV flight!

For fearless FPV flight, give the Vektor 280 a try! This fully assembled FPV drone features a carbon fiber frame, four 20A ESCs with SimonK One-Shot Setting, a 400K pixel FPV camera, four 2150kV brushless motors, an Open Pilot CC3D Atom flight controller, a 5.8GHz 600mW 32-channel video transmitter and more.
Rotor Diameter: 280 mm (11 in) Weight: 348 g (12.3 oz) Flight Time: 9-12 minutes Requirements: 5+ channel radio with micro receiver, 5.8GHz video receiver, FPV monitor or goggles, 3-4S 1400-2300mAh LiPo battery with XT60 connector, LiPo-compatible charger
  • Completely assembled 280-class FPV racing drone.
  • High-quality carbon fiber frame with 3 mm arms.
  • Four 2204 2150kV brushless motors.
  • Integrated system board with ESCs, flight controller and video transmitter for reduced weight.
  • Four 20A ESCs with SimonK OneShot Setting.
  • 400K pixel FPV camera with 135° field of view.
  • Open Pilot CC3D Atom flight controller with MPU6000 3-axis gyro/accelerometer, Windows/Mac/Linux support and PPM/PWM/S.Bus receiver compatibility.
  • 5.8GHz 600mW 32-channel video transmitter.
  • Intelligent LED system.
  • Low battery warning feature.
  • Drone Finder function.
  • Four 6x3 propellers.
Amateur Radio
*FPV "First Person View" transmission products with output power greater than 25mW require a HAM license to operate legally in the USA. This involves a 35-question multiple-choice test and a small fee. You can contact an amateur radio club in your area for information or assistance in obtaining a license. Also see the Amateur Radio Relay Network web page about obtaining a license. Customers outside of the USA should understand and follow all telecommunications or other regulations in your area.
Always follow the AMA Safety Code when operating model aircraft. Visit http://www.modelaircraft.org/ and search for FPV 550" and read "Document 550 - Utilizing First Person View Systems to learn about the safe operation of FPV "First Person View" systems in model aircraft.
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